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CLASP Inset Day February 10 2012

Had a lovely time in Zummerzet yesterday working with two large groups of teachers from the secondary and primary schools that make up the CLASP  cluster.

It was a joint INSET day with over 300 teachers taking part. I was hoping to catch Sue Palmer’s keynote but needed the time to work with ICT manager Richard in sorting out a couple of technical gremlins. Phew, sorted – thanks Richard. Sue’s ‘Toxic Childhood’ theme and warnings about ‘screen saturation’ provided an interesting back-drop for my first session, and not a little laughter at the outset!

So a wide range of subject specialisms, age-group teaching and ICT use. It made it quite challenging in the preparation and delivery but it was great fun with lots of interest and warmth from the two groups. Many thanks for the invitation, Clasp and Kate – and many thanks to the open and responsive teachers met yesterday.