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GrabMyBooks is a very clever tool to collect web pages and turn them into ebooks that can be read by an e-reader. You need to use the Firefox browser and install a new add-on to do this. GrabMyBooks saves the web pages (text and images) in a single book that’s saved as either in EPUB or MOBI format. On the iPad, for example, the iBooks app is the e-reader you’ll most likely use for EPUB files. On the Kindle, you’ll need to save it as a MOBI file.


1. Install the FireFox add-on here.
2. Restart your FireFox browser.
3. Load the page(s) you want to save as a book.
4. Right-click on the page and go to GrabMyBooks, then ‘Grab this page’.
5. Carry on adding as many pages and extracts as you want.
6. When you want to finish and compile all the added pages to the book, right-click again and choose ‘Grab my book’.
7. Note the new tab that opens, showing the saved pages. Here you can make simple edits, title the book and give it a cover.
8. Save it!

Couple of problems emerge:
1. FireFox isn’t available for the iPad – so a desktop PC will have to be used to create the book.
2. The EPUB book will have to transferred from the PC to the iPad. I use Drobox.
3. Once you’ve transferred the file, open it in iBooks. There you have it!