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Making an app

With more and more teachers and learners owning and using smartphones, I thought I’d take a look at ways in which apps could be made easily and cheaply for school and classroom use. Creating an iPhone app, for example, is neither of these. There’s a significant financial cost, an Apple computer is needed and there’s a pretty steep learning curve to climb. Even if all these barriers to entry can be surmounted, there’s then the extra development for Android and Windows devices. Services and sites to help build apps seemed to split into two broad groups: one; sites such as Buzztouch that help considerably with technical understanding and development, and two; services that enabled users to build and publish an app using simple tools. Neither of these met my criteria for ease of use and low-cost. Until I came across TheAppBuilder . Using a simple interface, TheAppBuilder creates apps in HTML5  – create one app and it will be supported by nearly all modern smartphones. There’s no App Store to worry about. Changes to the app are published almost instantly. And, at the moment at least, it’s free.

Just in the process of creating a couple of apps myself – which I’ll publish here later.