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Recently been impressed with Tellagami for iOS and Android. It’s a (currently) free app to create short animations of talking avatars. These are called ‘Gamis’.  Start by customising the gender and appearance of the character, although there aren’t too many options to customise the appearance of the avatar. This could be a plus in that fewer choices can save time and help focus the content of the ‘Gami’. I do like the ability to choose your own background from the camera roll – the background here is a photo overlooking the Bosphorous in Istanbul. Once you’ve done this, choose how you want your avatar to talk, either by typing in text or by recording your voice. Then it’s a question of sharing the video ‘Gami’ by Twitter, Facebook, or  email, which creates a link to share.

Pupils recording their own voices is great but I really like the text to voice option. It’s an ideal tool for improving written expression as pupils type and listen to the importance of their spelling, register and punctuation. In a busy classroom, it also creates clear audio without background noise. A simple and effective tool for pupils to demonstrate their learning.