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Photo software

Although smartphone cameras are easy to use and give good results, many schools still have older digital cameras which can still be very useful in the classroom. Trouble is, they don’t always have the software to enhance photos that’s often built into the smartphone camera. Here are some simple and free ways of doing things with photographs:

1. Clevr – an easy way of creating panoramic photos. Requires you to sign up for the service.









2. Superlame – a simple way to add comic balloons to your photos. Yes, you could do this in a wordprocessor but this is easier…














3. Photofunia – loads of different effects for photos:) This one shows a photo inserted into the theatre’s billboard.











4. Blockposters – still the simplest way to create huge posters from a photo. Tip – make sure someone else is paying for the ink/toner!!













Autocollage – free from Microsoft. Will need installing on a Windows machine but it’s a simple and effective way to create collages of photos, scans, digital artwork etc… Requires you to sign in. Worth it as there are many other free resources available from MS’s Partners in Learning service.