Mashpedia – a ‘real-time encyclopaedia’

Looking good is Mashpedia. It’s an on-line encyclopaedia that aggregates multiple web feeds (content from different sources such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Digg, Blogs…) into structured articles and gives a broader view of a topic.  Probably not accessible (or not all of the content anyway) in most UK classrooms, it’s still a potentially useful way to access and compare information and sources. One nice tip is to search Mashpedia directly from your browser by typing in the address bar: – then hit [enter] key


According to the developers, it’s not a Search Engine, “Mashpedia provides articles for specific topics such as concepts, subjects, personalities, events, places, companies, products, etc., but not for broader, unspecific searches.”

However, searching for ICT brings this:

And topically, for this week at least, here are the results of Mashpedia searches on the three main parties: