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Au revoir PGCE class of 2010-11

Said farewell to my PGCE class yesterday. Sad to say au revoir but pleased that things have gone well for them. The PGCE is a tough year both personally and professionally and they’ve done well. Seven of nine (where have I heard that before?) have got jobs and the other two have interviews lined up. Pretty good considering the times we’re in.

My PGCE was too heavily focused on theory and academia – but that was a lifetime ago in another century. The PGCE today prepares much more effectively despite Mr Gove’s suspicions of it. Although the trainees build strong relationships with their schools, there have been occasions when tensions arise beyond the usual demands of the PGCE. Broadly, this falls into one of two categories (i) unfair expectations of trainees or (ii) a poor response from a trainee to a reasonable expectation. That first category is demanding to deal with but perhaps one of the most important roles for me. One of the things that needs considering in the proposals for training schools is, when tensions arise, who provides the mediation/champions the cause of the trainee?