Tagxedo Word Clouds

Word Cloud tools  take a bunch of text and re-present this visually where the words that appear most often – the high-frequency words- are given greater size and weight. Put simply, the more the word is used, the bigger it appears. They can be very useful in analysing text and presenting ideas with strong visual impact and immediacy – across the age range and curriculum. There are several online tools to do this, of which Tagxedo is my current favourite.

It’s free tool and doesn’t require you to login, and it’s very easy to customise. Tagxedo has also produced a guide, ‘101 Ways to Use Tagxedo.’

Other Word Cloud generators to take a look at if Tagxedo doesn’t suit:

Wordle – the first of the word cloud generators, it’s easy to use and customise. It’s less easy to share though as you need to take a screenshot to capture it digitally

 AbcYa! Word Clouds Nice for younger pupils.

Tagul Easy to use.

Word it Out More of an emphasis on selling related products e.g. personalised t-shirts.