Teaching Thinking Techniques

Here’s a great list of techniques to help develop and challenge thinking. As an example (and this is just a few from the list) you can find techniques such as:

Absence Thinking: Think about what is not there.
Art streaming: Keep creating until you get through the blocks.
Assumption Busting: Surfacing and challenging unconscious assumptions.
Attribute Listing: Listing attributes of objects and then challenging them.
Brainstorming: The classic creative method for groups.
Braindrawing: Good for reticent groups.
Brainmapping: Combining brainwriting and mind-mapping.
Brainwriting: Group doodling for non-verbal stimulation.
Breakdown: Careful decomposition to explore the whole system.
Challenge: Challenge any part of the problem.
Crawford Slip Method: Getting ideas from a large audience.
A Day In The Life Of…: Building creative tension from contextualized situations.
Delphi Method: Explore ideas or gain consensus with remote group.
Doodling: Let your subconscious do the drawing.
Essence: Looking elsewhere whilst retaining essential qualities.
Forced Conflict: Using conflict to stimulate the subconscious.