Four PowerPoint Tips

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up the pace and pzazz needed to keep a class engaged when using PowerPoint. Here’s a few tips:

1. When you want the class to focus on you and not the screen, hit the ‘B’ key on your keyboard. This will turn the presentation black so that the focus returns to you. To bring back the display, hit the ‘B’ key again. Dead simple and really effective.

2. If you use a bulleted list that builds line by line, put a full stop at the end of the last point. In this way, you’ll know when the last bullet point has been reached. Your class won’t notice it but you will. Again, very simple and effective.

3. PowerPoint can force you to be very linear and if they want to return to a previous slide, most people exit the presentation mode and then search through the slides for the one they want to show again. This can spoil the pace of the lesson. If you know, roughly, the number for each slide in your presentation, you can easily hop around your slides. For example, your objectives are on slide three. Hit the number ‘3’ followed by ‘Enter’ and your presentation will jump to slide three. If a key learning point is on slide ten, hit the number ’10’ followed by ‘Enter’ and your presentation will jump to slide ten. Simple and frees you to move around the slides and maintain pace and attention.

4. Bit trickier this… In presentation mode in PowerPoint, it’s possible to create interactive text boxes. Great to capture feedback and responses, save the file and you save the responses. The following video explains this. Although this shows PowerPoint 2010, the process is the same for earlier versions.